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I can fly designs are a collection of moppets and poppets, dolls and characters, a little wonderland for those who love to let their imagination fly

Meet Deanne, the owner and creator of 'i can fly designs',

In 1992, with a Degree in Fine Art and sales experience in the gift industry,

she began making and wholesaling her dolls.


'i can fly designs' creations have been sold by retail outlets in the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong the USA, and throughout Australia; remember the fairy shops in the 90s, well that's when we started!  

Now we supply our customers directly online, and locally at craft and artisan markets.

 'i can fly designs' pieces have been used in tv productions, and on the covers of and in print media, around the world. 

Deanne's work has been sold to and enjoyed by, so many wonderful people over the years including many famous celebrities.

( we won’t name names here but next time you see her just ask her, she’s happy to tell! )




Fantasy, make-believe, creative and inventive play are where children live and where adults love to re-visit,

childhood is a time of freedom of mind, but we all need to allow ourselves the space to dream and imagine and create.

When we see something that reminds us of our childhood; a toy or keepsake we once played with or had, the memories and feelings flood through us, 

and we are emotionally transported back to a freer time


I hope my collection helps you re-live the memories of childhood, 

       a time of being free to let your imagination fly. 

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